About Us

Who Are We?
  • We are simply called Christians.
  • We do not belong to any denomination, organization, religious group, or convention. We are completely autonomous. We belong to the Lord's called out body only.
  • We believe that a person can know God’s will by simply reading and understanding the Bible.
  • We only do what the Bible says… nothing more, nothing less.
  • We desire to share the love of Christ by being a warm and friendly group where any person can learn about God.
  • We desire to share the simple truth of God’s word to every person within our reach.
  • We encourage people to study the Bible and do what the Bible says, not the doctrines of men.
  • We seek to address the spiritual needs of the entire family: children, teenagers, and adults.
  • We desire that EVERY soul finds the way of TRUTH.

If you are looking to answer questions about God, just started following Jesus, or have followed Jesus for years, we offer a place where you can learn about God's plan for you.