Plan of Salvation

The Bible teaches that obedience to God is necessary for salvation. God’s plan of salvation requires the following:

  1. Hear the truth of God’s word. Jesus teaches the importance of hearing: John 5:24-25
  2. Believe in God, and that Jesus Christ is HIS only begotten son: John 3:16-18Acts 16:31Romans 10:17Hebrews 11:6
  3. Repent of your sins: Luke 13:3-5Acts 2:383:1917:30 II Peter 3:9
  4. Confess before man that “Jesus is Lord”, Romans 10:9-10I John 4:15
  5. Be Baptized for the remission (or payment) of your sins: Acts 2:3822:16Mark 16:15-16I Peter 3:20-21
  6. Then add to your faith all the qualities mentioned in I Peter 1:5-11

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